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The C3 Details

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"This training provides a sound safety foundation for new hires or any one who needs a jump start in safety.  The benefits for this broad-based safety training program can not be underestimated especially if it prevents injuries.  I would highly recommend this training to all subcontractors."

             - Vindi Minne

                Safety Director

                LEI Companies

C3 is short for Construction Core Competency Safety Training


Complete Safety, LLC and ABC Rocky Mountain Chapter have developed a program that helps your company save time and money while maximizing the efficiency of your current safety training program.

The program has been set up for the required certifications that ALL Employees should have to be allowed to work on ANY job site.  Each level has been organized into multiple levels with trainings combined and matched to experience in the field and required certifications.

In addition, to being provided premier safety training, your company will have a way to access a unique certification tracking system.  Qualification StationTM allows your company to access safety documentation for employees either through scanning a QR Code on employees' hard hat stickers with a smart phone, or accessing the information online.

Benefits of C3

  • Provides the highest quality safety training with courses combined for easy convenience and easy scheduling.

  • The cost for C3 training is being offered at a huge savings to our members - a $1,500 value if all training were done separately.  An average savings of 25%!

  • You can customize your training by selecting just the courses that your employees need.

  • Classes within C3 certification levels can be taken as stand-alone classes with the individual pricing options in order to fill gaps in certifications ad not have to attend redundant certification classes.

  • Once all certifications are achieved for a C3 Level, the color coded "Level" card and color coded "Hard Hat Sticker" will be issued.  The color coded sticker will anyone on the job site to know that employee has those basic certifications at a glance  More importantly, it will help identify those without the certification sticker who aren't certified.

  • Each separate certification will have an individual certification card associated with it.

  • Each individual will have a personalized QR Code wto allow instant access to their completed certifications.  The QR Code will appear on the C3 Level certification cards and associated "Hard Hat Sticker."

2015 ABC National Award Winning Safety Training Program

"The Construction Core Core Competency (C3) Training provides all the safety training needed for your employees to hit the ground running.  The training more than meets OSHA Standards and General Contractor safety requirements.  All at a fraction of the cost of outsourcing or in-house training.  General Contractors and Subcontractors can have the confidence that their employees have received high quality, hands on training and the safety knowledge they need to be successful on your projects."

                   - Susie Klune

                      Safety Director

                      Greiner Electric

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